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Pokemon GO! Bot Features

At the moment our Pokemon GO! bot can do the following things for you complete automatic

We will add new features nearly ever day.

  • Interface and support in english
  • catch Pokemon (use different pokeballs!)
  • evolve pokemon
  • use Items!
  • send Pokemon to Professor (you can change that)
  • farms Pokestops
  • hatcheggs
  • move by walking (use this!) or teleport
  • you can change the start position (GPS Spoof)
  • restart function
  • different functions to make the bot look human, so you dont get banned (until now we dont know about any perma ban, but better safe then sorry)
  • overall Playtime statistics
  • statistics about session

You should look at the following Video(s). Or you may visit our Pokemon GO Bot tutorial.

Our Pokemon GO! Bot works with a Pokemon Trainer Account (use this!) or with a Google one.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

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