It’s official

Niantic is taking its first try to identify and block Pokemon GO Bot users. We will take the necessary steps to work around this.

There is already a (quick) way “to get around” this, but we will not use because we dont think its safe.

However, since we have access to the Pokemon GO beta (thanks for that to Niantic) we already know its just the first step, there will be more updates from Niantic related to botters.

Unfortunately we can not give more details, but we’ll keep you up to date.

We will now study the latest changes and will bring an update for our bot when we are 100% sure its safe to use, we will also add new features (like arenas in Pokemon GO for example).

But we have something special for you, if you buy our bot NOW, you get it for 49,99€ – later the price will rise.

It will take some time until the new version is out, please be patient we want to be fully sure its safe to use before we publish our new version.

PS: For those who buy now, your product key will be sent when the new update is out automatically.

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