Pokemon GO! Bot Version 1.10

Hi and welcome,

weve added servival new things to the bot since the latest version.

Just look our video to see all new features.

Features of this Pokemon GO! Bot?

  • english interface (no manual editing files)
  • catch Pokemon
  • visit Pokestops
  • hatch eggs
  • move via teleport or “walking” (use this!)
  • overall Player Statistiks
  • Statistics about actual session
  • we have implemented different security checks to avoid getting banned by Nintendo (until now we didnt noticed a ban, but better safe, then sorry)

Where do i get this bot?

Buy now our Pokemon GO! Bot

Download Pokemon GO! Bot Version 1.11


01.08.16 – 1.10a – New Navigation Tab, no need to search for coords! Better human walking, more exp/h.

If you have questions, suggestions or any other problems just contact us at our forum.

What features will be added next?

The most important part for us is your safety. So we will add more human parts to the bot whenever possible. Das wichtigste ist uns die Sicherheit der Nutzer, wir werden also noch mehr Menschlichkeit einbauen.
fight in arena
use ALL items

This Pokemon GO! Bot will never be finished, we will add new features as they get added to the game.

Thank you very much for your time reading this, if you like you can visit us on Facebook, there you will get any news about this bot.


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